Wine Tasting - Treat your friends, family and co-workers by inviting them to review and compare the incredible wines of Spain. Pick a theme or the Wine Armada can create one like “Rockin’ Rioja,” “Spain’s Garnacha vs. France’s Grenache” or “Spain: From North to South.” We’ll even suggest Spanish cuisine, so no one goes hungry on the voyage.

Education - The Wine Armada is willing to share the virtues of Spanish wine to all comers in existing wine classes, restaurants and culinary institutes. We can follow an established course or chart a new route by creating a curriculum that will have attendees speaking “Spanish” with confidence.

Charity Events - Near and dear to our hearts is how a Wine Armada event can take from the rich and give their donations to your worthy cause. We’ll discuss your fundraising goals and how we can help you reach them through Spanish wine "imbibery."

Shopping Service - No time for gathering wine cargo at your local shop? Let Wine Armada be your mercenary and provide you with a beverage haul beyond your expectations. Just give us a budget and we’ll do the rest for a mere pittance.

Wine List Assistance - If you would like to join the many trail-blazing restaurants and add Spanish wine to your list, we can make suggestions. Large or small, casual or formal, there is always a place for wines from Spain on your menu.

Future Services - Purchase wines on-line, exclusive Spanish Wine Club offering monthly shipments, Wine Armada merchandise, iPhone app, Wine Tours of Spain (yes, we all need to take a trip to Spain!), etc...

Tell us what you would like to see!

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